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Your tooth enamel is very strong thanks to the densely packed microscopic crystals that are its structure, but the enamel can still be weakened by chewing on hard objects, tooth grinding or receiving a strong blow to the face. The presence of a chipped tooth may cause you to need restorative dentistry such as a dental crown so that a cavity doesn’t develop.

It’s important to visit our office for treatment as soon as possible to prevent the chip from developing into a cavity as a result of being affected by plaque and food particles. We may be able to use a dental filling to repair moderate tooth damage, but if you have a large chip, a dental crown may be optimal. The materials used to create your dental crown can be porcelain, gold or base metal alloys, and the crown will be shaped to appear like the natural tooth. The hollow inside the dental crowns enable them to cover the treated teeth for many years.

At your first visit with our dentist, we remove the tooth enamel from the damaged tooth and shape the remaining structure into an abutment to support the crown. Then, we create a detailed impression that captures your bite pattern and send it to a dental lab to have the crown custom crafted with great skill. You may need to wear a temporary dental crown until your permanent crown can be placed at the second appointment.

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