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If you are missing a few teeth, life might be a little more difficult for you. Fortunately, you can consider a partial denture to replace those teeth and make life easier for you.

As opposed to a full denture, which replaces all the teeth in a person’s mouth, a partial denture is a good option if you still have most of your natural teeth. Partial dentures have the advantage of being smaller than full dentures.

They are generally constructed with an acrylic base, which resembles the look of your gums. The artificial teeth are built onto the base, and the base rests on top of the area where the missing teeth used to be.

There are a few different methods that can be used to attach the dentures so they stay in place. For some, a metal frame is used to carefully latch the dentures onto your natural teeth. This is how they are normally made.

Another method uses what are called precision attachments. Using precision attachments can have a better effect on appearance than the metal frames, though they may require getting dental crowns for the teeth that stand next to the otherwise empty gap.

If you ever need to replace some teeth, you can come discuss things with our dentist, Dr. Catharine Willis, to learn if partial dentures will work for you. You can find him in Lacey Spring, Alabama. You can call (256) 498-3570 to set up an appointment.